Black Compass Digital

Black Compass Digital

Hey Amazon sellers! Shawn and Phil here from Black Compass Digital.

We are a niche agency that only focuses on two things for all Amazon sellers: inventory and PPC optimization.

Why those two? Well, because we are experts at it! We've consulted for major brands like Walmart, Target in the past and helped other big Amazon sellers along the way.

Inventory Optimization for Amazon is CRUCIAL! If you don't get your ordering right you either run out of stock (which means lost sales and lost rankings) OR you over buy (which means your cash flow is tied up and providing slower growth).

What happens if we told you it didn't have to be either of this? That you can play right in the middle, never run out of stock again or over buy and free up cash flow to expand your brand?

That's what we do for you - we grow your business in the areas you least expect but are still vital to your overall business operations.

We now want to extend our services to you and get you that extra leg up so that you can grow even faster!

Curious about how we can save you time and money while growing your Amazon business? Just reach out and let's talk!

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