My name is Adeem Mirza and I am a seller on Amazon since 2009. My Brand has done 7-figures on Amazon. I am also the founder of DigiMasters (Training Provider). I have 12 years of experience successfully launching products for myself, 4 years of experience launching products for my students and my clients on Amazon. I have experience with launching Wholesale, Private Label, FBA, and FBM. I am a trainer, coach, and career counsellor as well.

The services I provide include but are not limited to:


• profitable products research

• finding the best suppliers;

• Keywords Research

• writing listings (title/bullet points/description, back-end Optimization)

• Manage FBA Inventory

• Inventory Planning

• Inventory Reports

• Amazon PPC Campaigns

• Promotions

• Sell Global (US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain)

• Marketing Strategy Development

• Monitor BSR or items

• Buyer Feedback Monitoring

• Performance Notifications

• Reports Generation

• Adjustment and Listing Suppressed

• Linnworks Inventory Management


• Audit existing Campaigns

• Build strategy to boost sales

• Reduce ACOS ratio

• Campaign Management

• Weekly Campaign Reporting

I have done HND Business, BA International Business, and MSc Management. I've been in the e-commerce industry since 2009. So I have a fantastic business acumen. A combination of my educational knowledge and vast e-commerce experience enabled me to provide the best practices. I've worked in four different companies as an eBay and Amazon executive. I would love to share my expertise and knowledge.

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Such a great designer to work with, never disappointed me and did more than what was expected. He did an amazing work for my Amazon listing.


Creative and Very Talanted


Creative and talented