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We are a married couple from New York and have been taking on clients for a variety of design projects since 2006.

Put together we have several jobs, freelance design being one of them, and treat them like our children -- we love them all, and don't play favorites.

We have started several businesses together, including one selling physical products on Amazon, so we know how important it is to compete as hard as you possibly can, especially through creative and thoughtful packaging, logo design, inserts, and more.

We've also picked up some tips and tricks that other designers don't necessarily know about if all they do is design work -- things we are always happy to share with our clients as they try to squeeze every last drop of profit that they can.

We never take on a project unless we know we can do 110% of what the client asks for, and we always share 100% of the file types available to us.

We also never share or re-purpose work we did with one client with any other clients, something that some designers who work in physical products sometimes do. We also offer an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to any client who would like us to sign one.

And when small requests that fall technically outside the scope of a work order arise, we are almost always happy to accommodate, completely for free. We do not mind minor inconveniences from repeat clients, and in fact it often gives us a chance to enjoy catching up with each other. We also offer unlimited revisions and fixed pricing for all project types.

In short, we focus completely on what the client needs from us, and not what we want from them. It's something we committed to a long time ago, and it's never let us down. Get to know us. :-)

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Gave me a lot of advice for Amazon in addition to designing the packaging. I'm satisfied!


Beautiful work as always.


Absolutely incredible! Could not have been more pleased with the communication, collaboration, speed, quality, creativity, knowledge, helpful tips, thoughtful suggestions and positive attitude towards doing anything needed to ensure satisfaction. Jacob, excels in his craft and went beyond my expectations. Pure Professional!! Thanks Jacob!

Tammy about listing Professional Amazon Packaging Design 3 years ago.