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⭐ Amazon Certification:

Sponsored Ads Foundations Certification - United States - Completion ID: 593838

I will be happy to navigate you through your Amazon journey and become your personal FBA/FBM strategist. Either you are a new or already existing Amazon seller, my services are not limited to:

⭐ Product Analysis

⭐ Listing & Optimization

⭐ Keyword research

⭐ Photography & Images design

⭐ Amazon PPC & Optimization

⭐ Account Health & Customer Support

Detailed elaboration of each step is as follow;

I’ll be Setting up Sellers Central Account or if you already have one then,

Product Analysis:

I’ll conduct a comparative product analysis and provide a full audit report that will summarize all details including Images, Title, Description, Bullet points, Keywords, Review/Rating, FBA/FBM.

Keyword Research:

I’ll make sure to provide you with the best keyword research and Amazon suggested top rated to use it in your listings and backend fields.

☑️ Listing & Optimization:

I’ll help you to create outstanding, SEO-friendly, and eye-catching Amazon product listings that will include Images(Main, Infographic, Lifestyle), Title, Bullet points, Description(HTML or EBC), Feature points & Additional Info.

Photography & Image Design:

I’ll assist with product photographic needs. Images are the first thing customers see and it attracts or repels the customer. If you need a product photoshoot or a remake, just send me your product & you’ll get a high graphic result shoot. Also, I’ll be designing your Product, Lifestyle & Infographic Images.

Amazon PPC & OptimiZation:

I’ll be running your PPC Campaigns to help your products get to rank in top pages. I’ll take your product to top ranking within 7-10 days and help you with Pay Per Click amazon ads set up. Targeting top-rated sellers & products to sponsor your products in their related items category. Reducing your ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) & working on ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)

Account Health & Customer Support:

Client interaction & dealing is a whole different job & needs a calm solid mind. I’ll be providing you with complete assistance by taking care of Returns & Refunds of products, Warranty Claims, A to Z Claims.

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