I am currently an Amazon Seller doing $60k a month in sales and closing in at $550k in the last 12 months. I am partners on 3 other Amazon businesses and they're all essentially on auto-pilot with efficient systems in place so it frees up a ton of time for me to help growing Amazon business owners with their first major breakthrough or help continue further your brand expansion.

My specialty is driving sales to Amazon off and on the Amazon marketplace. I am able to help you drive profitable ppc campaigns on Amazon with low ACOS and I've driven hundreds of sales from facebook and youtube to my Amazon listings which dramatically helps increase rank.

I am a passionate entrepreneur and have been selling on Amazon for 3 years full-time.

I also have a Shopify store as a hobby that does $15k in sales monthly and I am proficient in driving hoards of sales traffic to either your Amazon store or Shopify store.

Enthusiastic to work with like minded people looking to help where I can!

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