ACS Digital Studio

ACS Digital Studio

Working as a full-time real estate and commercial photographer in Florida. Easy communicator and always ready for new projects. Trustworthy, innovative, and fast.

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Ok so, I was in desperate need for a photographer since my previous "photographer" ghosted me in the last minute. Here i was with a brand new listing with only a main photo for like 2 - 3 weeks! yikes!

I have reached out to about 10 different photographers and i was running into the same issue: Either communication was lacking or prices were unreasonably high.

It took a few days but i finally found Jackson right here on JM.

A bit about what i especially appreciated:

1. Quick response and he understood the situation and the stress i was in right away.

2. He primed my item over night and had all my photos done OVER THE WEEKEND!!!

3. Price was right what i was looking for and he did more than agreed in order to build a business relation (which will defiantly be long lasting as far as im concerned)

4. Revised all things I asked + threw in extra photos he had which i love even more!

look no further this guy is great!


Awesome job. Fast response. Super great photos. Great price. Photos all look great with no editing needed. I highly recommend their service. Thank you again for the awesome photos.

ACS Digital Studio