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Best Foot Forward Photography

Best Foot Forward Photography

Hello! My name is Jessica and I am excited for the opportunity to collaborate with you on your project. I have been working behind a camera for a decade, working to capture many different subjects and situations.

Alongside my photography work, I have spent time working for some of the top Fortune 100 companies in the country learning the ins and outs of Business Management, Merchandising, and Customer Service before claiming my title as Co-Owner of Best Foot Forward Photography. Because of my experience managing businesses and merchandising, I have in-depth knowledge when it comes to what you'll need to do to stand apart from your competition on Amazon.

I can help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within your images or your listing. I will be honest and upfront with you about what I feel your needs are-- and if I feel you've got unnecessary shots on your list, I will share my thoughts with you BEFORE I allow you to pay for shots you don't need.

I aim to build lasting relationships with each of my clients. You can expect professionalism and courtesy when we work together.

With a mind for business and an eye for creativity, I bring a unique set of skills to the table. My photography style is extremely flexible- I welcome your ideas & input. I am happy to shoot to your preferred style.

We'll show your product in its best light. I will communicate with you any of my own experiences or ideas I feel are pertinent to your shoot and getting you the best images to your specific needs and preferences. We will both have a clear vision of what our goal is so there are not any unwanted surprises when your images are completed.

A majority of my business comes from repeat clients with new clients coming through word-of-mouth advertising. I know once you've worked with Best Foot Forward, you won't need another photographer... and you will be excited to let other people know about my services, knowledge, and can-do attitude!

Together, we'll work to bring your detailed shot list to life. I have a crew of eager models ranging in all different ages, shapes, and sizes. (We even have an arsenal of pet models available: dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, etc!)

Whether you're a small seller or a large corporation looking to get a piece of the Amazon pie, Best Foot Forward has your photography needs covered.

Don't pay for shots you don't need-- I am always willing to custom build a package exactly to the needs of your listing, and there is no additional cost to do so!

Let's get started!

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Looking forward to continues work together

Andrew about listing Custom Job: Andrew 4 days ago.

Jessica did a great job. I definitely recommend her!

Nataliia about listing Custom Job: Natalia 3 months ago.

Jessica is always quick to respond and makes sure your happy with the final product.

Toni about listing Custom Job: Toni 3 months ago.
Best Foot Forward Photography