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Before I began my own photography business I worked for one of the finest catalog producers in the world (Cabela's). I edited and retouched over 7500 images a year and my work was seen by more than 200,000,000 people in 125 countries. I edited nearly everything: clothing, sunglasses, jewelry, bedding, guns, model shots ect.. You name it, I saw it daily. I specialized in product and e-commerce editing, but am versed in all forms of photo manipulation and design.

I am now the owner and lead photographer of Best Foot Forward Photography, a successful start-up venture of mine. I have combined my 6 years of world class photo editing experience with my 10 years of photography experience to bring you the best in digital imagery. I specialize in clean and crisp white background images designed to appear on Amazon and other online outlet stores. If you want your photos handled with the utmost care and attention, I'm the man you need. I work quickly, efficiently, and keep your budget in mind.

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As soon as you make first contact with Ray it becomes obvious why he has so many great reviews. He has an amazing personality and his photos are outstanding. In addition, he waste no time, and you can clearly see the professionalism and pride that goes into his work. I highly recommend him.

Raven about listing CUSTOM JOB: RAVEN 6 days ago.

It was amazing experience to work with Ray. He is very talented and did an extraordinary work!

Yoav about listing CUSTOM JOB: YOAV 7 days ago.