AMZ PPC Management

AMZ PPC Management

If you're an ambitious Amazon Seller, You want to increase Sales and decrease PPC Spend, but you don't have the time to:

- Regularly manage your PPC

- Make the right bid adjustments, or

- Learn advanced PPC strategies

Then I am the man you should be contacting right now!

Why spend your valuable time and effort on Amazon PPC, when I can dedicate my time and expertise to your PPC and get the results you desire?

As an Amazon seller you're controlling a million things at once, you're contacting your manufacturer one minute, you're responding to a customer message the next. I know exactly what it's like because I began selling private label products on Amazon in 2014 before transitioning to Amazon PPC Management.

The problem is you're so busy with other priorities that you don't have time to commit to your PPC and as a result you set up some quick campaigns or you set up PPC automation & management software, neither of which you fully understand nor monitor regularly and consequently your Sales suffer.

The solution is to find an expert with the latest PPC knowledge and an advanced understanding of the best strategies, systems and processes to implement for your business. This is where I come in...

Allow me to manage your Amazon PPC and you will get:

- More time to commit to other areas of your business

- More sales that are profitable through PPC

- A peace of mind that your PPC is in good hands

I consult and manage PPC for 5, 6 and 7-figure Amazon sellers in Amazon UK and US marketplaces, so I'm confident I can help YOU with your Amazon PPC.

Infact, more recently I helped improve a 7-figure Amazon US sellers PPC by reducing ACoS from 52.72% to 33.44% in just 30 days without impacting Sales. We're now working on maintaining ACoS whilst increasing Sales to $30k+ per month.

If you want to see your PPC managed more efficiently, resulting in increased Sales and a lower ACoS, drop me a message now and we can arrange a discussion.

Calum Smith

AMZ PPC Management

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AMZ PPC Management