Corey @ buffaBRAND Marketing

Corey @ buffaBRAND Marketing

Are you feeling LOST...STUCK...CONFUSED...ALONE?

Tired of watching ENDLESS WEBINARS and EXPENSIVE COURSES that don't answer your questions?

Don’t give up. We can get you past your hang ups. Message us today.


At buffaBRAND, we are a team of AMAZON EXPERTS that know how to deliver results in a tough, unforgiving ecosystem. With 10+ years of experience in what it takes to launch and grow successful products, brands, and stores, we have seen it all from A-to-Z.

We don’t use short-term hacks or hide behind fancy AI solutions. We roll up our sleeves, dive into your account and help you build sustainable success on your account. We’re transparent and build custom solutions for your complex issues.


Corey D. Brown

eCommerce & Branding Consultant

Founder @ buffaBRAND Marketing

Expert Amazon Seller | FBA, FBM & SFP

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80 Reviews (99% positive)


Many thanks for the project


Corey was great, had plenty of good advice and direction for the next step in the process. I would definitely recommend.


Corey was great at giving me guidance for my starting amazon business. I will definitely be going back to him for some more!

Corey @ buffaBRAND Marketing