Corey @ buffaBRAND Marketing

Corey @ buffaBRAND Marketing


If you're selling thousands per month on Amazon (and other platforms), buffaBRAND is you ideal solution for consulting and outsourcing. We have a growing team of long-term eCommerce professionals that can become your go-to for scaling solutions.

If you're looking for someone to assist with management or simply to outsource as your grow without the hassle of hiring/training employees, you're in the right place.

Let buffaBRAND be your eCommerce department and you can get back to running your business.

This is you if:

✔ You have an Amazon Account.

✔ You are selling more than $2500 per month.

✔ You have multiple products or brands.

✔ You need help growing to the next level.


If you're just getting started and looking to avoid the pitfalls, the wasted money, and the not spend eternity watching webinars, you've come to right place. We can expedite your launches, overcome obstacles, and walk you through anything one on one.

If you're looking for that personal touch and to learn through discussion, collaboration and direct coaching, you're in the right place.

This is you if:

✔ You don't have an Amazon Account or just opened one.

✔ You are selling less than $2500 per month.

✔ You have no products or just a few.

✔ You need help getting your business off the ground.


At buffaBRAND, we are a team of AMAZON EXPERTS that know how to deliver results in a tough, unforgiving ecosystem. With 10+ years of experience in what it takes to launch and grow successful products, brands, and stores, we have seen it all from A-to-Z.

We don’t use short-term hacks or hide behind fancy AI solutions. We roll up our sleeves, dive into your account and help you build sustainable success on your account. We’re transparent and build custom solutions for your complex issues.

Get ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ results. See you difference for yourself.


Corey D. Brown

eCommerce & Branding Consultant

Founder @ buffaBRAND Marketing

Expert Amazon, Walmart, eBay & Shopify

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Corey was excellent. He provided details with specific instructions to each my questions. This call was much needed. Thank you Corey for being so thorough.



buffaBRAND Marketing is for real!!! Morgan worked on my job with the utmost professional guidance and service. I am totally satisfied with the job that buffaBRAND provided for my company, and I highly recommend them.

Corey @ buffaBRAND Marketing