Hi my name is Derrick and I've been working in the e-commerce and advertising industry for 3 years.

I started with working on Facebook ads for small business, then learned about amazon private label, and used my knowledge and skills to work for large e-commerce brands and help scale and grow their business into some of the large brands that everyone knows and loves. Some the brands I have worked on in the past include: Body Boss, Skinny Mint Tea Tox, Coco & Eve, Hoover Smartwash, Tarek Flip This House and many more. Currently I am a search and e-commerce analysts at one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world Publicis media -Starcom working on the Kellogs team.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I'm looking forward to connecting with you all!

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Great, delivered VERY fast! Gave me two awesome products in 5 mins!!!


Items look to have good potential.

Derrick was on the ball in time and sincere to find me what I was searching for.

Will be back in the future to work with him again.

Thanks Derrick!

David W


Nice Work !

Arnaud about listing Unshared Winning Product 2 months ago.