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Jon | Black Label Advisor

Jon | Black Label Advisor

Some would say I have the dream Amazon story. I'd tend to agree but it's a story that feels more like a journey with highs and lows. The inspiration behind my successful business was the ability to spend more time with my wife and son and do it on MY TERMS. It's no easy task to build an Amazon business from scratch and grow it in five years to sell for mid seven figures. There were incredible challenges along the way and now I have the opportunity to show others how to replicate my story, enjoy a truly flexible work schedule, and avoid the headaches I experienced.

The name "Black Label Advisor" was inspired by two elements. First, being, I want my services to feel exclusive. Unlike so many agencies out there, you won't find a faceless team. I'll be the one to answer your emails, phone calls and walk through challenges with. I only commit to a small number of clients so you will know you are receiving an exclusive consulting experience. Second, my experience is strictly private label so if you are a wholesaler or into arbitrage, I won't be the right fit for you. I truly want to see my clients succeed with their private label business and achieve their dreams.

My clients range from full scale audits of their Amazon listings to hourly consultation calls to assisting with the sale of their business. There is no "one way" to do this. I am at your disposal and would love to help you out in the best way I can to take your Amazon business to an elite level.


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Jon | Black Label Advisor