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in my opinion, Two types of people will fail on Amazon:

First- those who always follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing, they end up with the same results and most probably they gonna FAIL.

Second-those who afraid to Change their old and outdated methods, they blindly believe in them and Sooner or later they'll be out of the game.

Amazon is getting more competitive and harder Every day, That's a fact.

BUT if you do your due diligence and Pick your product wisely, then you are only ONE step away from a money-making product.

that step is LAUNCHING

you got two options here:

First - do it in the old way, try to give away your products with one of the launch services and run an E-mail followup sequence.

in this case, you will end up with:

1- a good ranking for one maybe two of your main Keywords

2- less than 5 unverified reviews ( Best case scenario )

3- No customer list

4- dependency to the launch service literally forever

SECOND-do it differently, do it in a way that not so many sellers are doing. take advantage of the virginity and the power of messenger Bots, combine it with FB Ads and KILL IT.come to the market like a giant and savage BULL !!!

in this case, you will end up with:

1- get ranked for multiple keywords and land on PAGE ONE, fast.

2- get dozens of reviews ( most likely 4.5 and 5 stars) and build social proof and stick on page ONE.

3- Start to build your's ( not Amazon's) loyal customers.

4- Launch cheaper and cheaper every time.

5- avoid getting bad reviews

If you choose to try the second way, you came to the right place, I'm here to help you.

I help you with:

well optimized and functional messenger bots in order to:

0- Unique discount coupons distribution with FB Ads to the RIGHT people

1-highest chance of immediate cupon-redeems which leads to a faster launch.

2- provide THE BEST customer support

3- get high rated reviews FAST

4- use the list for the future launches

Believe it or not, Emails are DEAD... you gotta CHANGE and ADAPT

if you have any question don't hesitate to smash that " Contact" button, I'd be more than happy to help.

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Great seller ,very professional , with great knowledge of Facebook Ads , and Manychat bots . Always happy to help , very responsive , and easy to reach. I Would definitely Recommend him . Pleasure to work with , Thank You Michael

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I enjoyed working with Michael. He was very easy to communicate with and is open to suggestions/recommendations. He answered all my questions and concerns. We hopped on a Skype call and he went over the whole manychat bot process. It was very informative and learned a lot. Looking forward to the results and will definitely hire again.