John Borys

John Borys

I am an expert in helping your business grow and become a market leader!

I can help you:

• Develop a successful brand strategy

• Create content messaging

• Connect emotionally to your customer base

• Differentiate you from your competition

• Create "a look" for your products

• Create Brand awareness

• Increase growth

• Build your brand

Why me?

I bring a multi-lens perspective.

What makes me better?

I have seen how to build a brand from being:

• A Copywriter

• A Creative Director

• An Art director

• Production manager

• Moreover, a Small business Owner

My experience comes from:

• Learning my craft from the people that have created Iconic Brands

• Been responsible for the creative product for advertising budgets above 35 million

• Working with small businesses with limited budgets directly with owners

• Creating messaging for a diverse number of industries

• Working on all kinds of products and services

• Proven track record

• 30 years of success

Here is a link to some of the industries and businesses that I have worked with:

It's about relationships. It's about developing trust between you and your clients. When you work with me, you are working with someone that has exceptionally high standards of excellence, passionate about providing you with the best work possible and I am a partner with you, not a vendor.

Directing over 2,000 photo-shoots, working with global accounts, I can help you manage and set up your "product image bank" to run efficiently and effectively. (I can work with an "existing look" and develop an even stronger, more persuasive reason to buy your product or services as well.)

I learned from the best, and I am passionate about providing you with the best strategy, content, and images possible. More about me:

Additional services: Marketing Strategy/Brand Building, Content Creation, Tagline Development, Competitive Analysis, Tactical and Image executions, graphic design, logos, and product rollouts.

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John Borys