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FBA Flipper

FBA Flipper

I sold my first FBA business in Nov of 2017. Since then I have launched another two stores doing a combined $3.2M per year with new products launching every quarter. The Amazon and ecommerce opportunities are incredible.

When not running our business I help new and existing sellers reach their goals and scale their business using the same strategies, resources, and blueprint we use in our business. Clients range from entirely new FBA sellers to 7-figure sellers looking to optimize and scale even further. The process is the same.

Have a store and want to grow sales while maximizing the Amazon platform? Let me show you how. Looking to get started on the journey? I will advise on everything from finding the product, sourcing, listing creation and optimization, the 2020 launch strategy we use to quickly rank keywords and get to Page 1 fast (leveraging off-Amazon traffic via chatbots and influencers), gathering real reviews, and building customer lists so you can either sell your business or put it on auto-pilot.

I have multi-channel marketing experience and have operated multiple FBA stores, so I know the ins and outs. If you simply want to set up PPC or do a giveaway I can help with all of the details. I look forward to working with you!

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Good Experience

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Great talk with Eric, looking forward to more!

Shaun about listing $40 - 30min Amazon FBA Strategy Session 2 years ago.

Awesome advice will be coming back soon

FBA Flipper