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My name is Charles, and I live to help Amazon business owners succeed. I have my own Amazon business that grows daily, but if I have learned one thing along the journey, it is that giving back is important. Thus, here I am.

I have rich experience in making money, design and photography, however, I also have helped other Amazon businesses with things such as sales, operations, orders, finances and taxes, customer nightmares, and much more. If there is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to reach out!



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Recommended switching from tailored keywords to generic ones like "book" and "audible." Odd phrase suggestions such as "Veteran marketer at Silicon Valley." Descriptions were not formatted for pasting stylistically into Amazon.

Dekker about listing Custom Order for K 3 months ago.
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Very happy with this service. Excellent!!

Kevin about listing Custom Order for K 3 months ago.

Very Unprofessional,this person did not know what his doing at all.(but pretend to be a great one)

I'm requesting a custom order for product research idea that I have my own criteria and need to be delivered 100% same with my request.

that cost me $800-900 ,but he give me a product research idea that really bad that you could not imagine maybe worst than $50 for 3 product research idea that you can find in the market.

but he try to convinced me that his product research idea was great and a winner! (well I'm not a newbie or expert But base on my experienced I know this person give me a bad product research idea).

this guy is very smart,his taking advantage the policy of jungle scout that we could not request a refund after we request a service that is jungle scout terms and condition which is I never read that.

so techinally we can not request refund or dispute it to our bank if the jungle scout did want to help otherwise our account will get closed eventho I'm not satisfied at all because I consider it as scammer,you did not delivered what I want as we promised.

so this person give me a lot of excuses that he was using other tools software to find the product research idea thats why when I double check his job using jungle scout pro and hellium which is both my software have a same result,

that his job few points that did not match with my criteria at all,not even close.

but again he still argue with me and try to convince me so bad that his job was great eventho he can't prove it with any reports of software tool that he used it,beside it make up all the number by himself without could prove anything to me.

please be aware for those buyers outhere,don't be a victim like me.

product research idea is very IMPORTANT for your journey of selling it on amazon and if this person guide you to wrong one it will cost you a huge amount money.

PLEASE stay away from this PERSON.


jo about listing CUSTOM RESEARCH FOR J 3 months ago.