Supercharge Your Amazon Listings

It's been calculated that 3,000 sellers join Amazon every day.

Want to stand out in a landscape of screaming ALL-CAPS product intros, breathless hyperbole, and meaningless superlatives like "amazing" "premium" "perfect for..."?

Often, those can work AGAINST you. Nobody likes getting beaten over the head.

You need relevant search terms, you need to build trust and have a conversation with shoppers. I'm invested in your success and write content that is:

SEARCH-FRIENDLY: I have access to a collection of tools and years of expertise to seed your product page with terms that customers are actually searching for.

MOBILE-READY: Shopping via mobile devices is skyrocketing. Optimize your listings for phones and tablets.
COMPELLING AND READABLE: Draw people in to learn  
more about your product! 

Along with marketplace-specific optimization, I offer:

• Operations, product management and help with product sourcing
• Customer service training, problem resolution and technical writing
• Content collection and generation for: Blog posts, Websites (About Us pages, listings copy), sales and landing pages, slogans, taglines, headlines

Let's work together for your success. Here's to you!

Requirements needed to get started
Product specifications (such as fabric content, capacity, construction, disclaimers)

Multiple images, showing product from different angles and in use.

Full details about your product, what it does, how it does it, any differentiation points. 
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