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Amazon Small Business Bundle

Marketplace Management
In order to help achieve the aggressive growth goals (Client) has for online channels, Evolved will work with the (Client) team to launch direct distribution of its products quickly on marketplace channels and to maximize its existing presence on the Amazon marketplace via the Amazon (AMAZON) program.
Launch Services
• When needed, Evolved Commerce will work with (Client) to create a Seller Central account to sell as a Professional Seller on Amazon
• Build a profitable ongoing AMAZON program for (Client) that minimizes operational complexity and increases sales/margin across the entire channel
Content Optimization
Evolved will provide content editing services for:
• Optimization of existing product data for use, to include Product Titles, Feature Bullets, Short/Long Description, Categorization and Keywords or Search Terms
• Backfill missing feed data necessary to maximize channel performance
Product Promotion and Marketing 
In order to increase sales on the Amazon marketplace, Evolved Commerce will create internal and external marketing campaigns to increase exposure, drive sales, and increase customer product reviews.
• Launch internal Amazon Sponsored Ads campaign to drive traffic from passive search audience
• Create and implement e-mail campaigns to past customers to increase return buyer ship and request feedback

Ongoing Management
Evolved will make available to the (Client) Internet team personnel with specific expertise in the Marketplace Space. These resources will interact with the (Client) Internet team; share industry-specific knowledge and best practices along with proprietary intellectual property.
The ongoing tasks will include but are not limited to:

• Continuously optimizing the initial implementation and ensuring maximum exposure and revenue for (Client) products 
• Reviewing existing reporting/business intelligence and providing ongoing best-practice recommendations for forecasting and selling on Amazon 
• Continually reviewing and optimizing product descriptions, bullet points, titles
• Working with (Client) team to acquire secondary marketing images
• Ongoing management of Seller Feedback on products and Seller Account Rating
• Automatically soliciting positive seller and product reviews to enhance sales and visibility from buyers 
• Continuing management of (Client) AMAZON Inventory
• Training (Client) staff to fulfill AMAZON shipment orders
• Providing monthly replenishment reports
• Providing monthly strategic sales reporting
• Management of Amazon marketing tools to enhance product sales
o Amazon Sponsored Product Ads 
o Lightning Deal Promotions 
• Within (Client) parameters, controlling on-site prices to optimize sales/profit Performing daily audit of the account health and performance, including, but not limited to:
o Answering Buyer Messages
o Performance Notifications
o Seller Feedback

Requirements needed to get started
Product to sell on Amazon
Consulting hours
More than 15 hours of consulting included
Delivery time
Up to 30 days