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High Converting Email Marketing - Boost Sales or Reviews

You want to deliver your unique message to your customers.

I want to help you.

⚡Emotionally persuasive sales copy delivers your message so that your customers will actually buy your products and help you grow your business.⚡

This Package Includes 3 Sales Oriented Emails. 

I focus on persuasive sales copy with a clear call-to-action. That means people will read your emails and then perform a specific action you want. This can be customized to your needs. 

Some people want emails that generate reviews and others want emails that generate cross-sells and up-sells. It's up to you which types of emails I'll write for you.

Here's what you get working with me:

✔️ 30-minute intro/consulting call either by phone or Skype.

✔️ 3 Sales Oriented Emails with Clear Calls-to-Action.

✔️ Revenue Generating Emails or Review Generating Emails.

✔️ 2 Subject Lines to Test with each email (6 subject lines total).

✔️ Powerful benefit stacking email copy.


"Nathanael tuned in to what we needed and went beyond. His work was fantastic and before schedule. I will be hiring him again!"

"A truly skilled professional! We have already noticed an improvement..."

⭐ I LOVE marketing and advertising ⭐

⭐ I LOVE sales and persuasion ⭐

⭐ I also truly and sincerely LOVE getting my clients amazing results ⭐

However, I do want to give you full disclosure: I stay busy and often don't have time to pick up new clients. When I do, I make sure to screen them so that we're an awesome fit and I know I can deliver them awesome results.

If you're looking for last minute rush work with little thought or energy put into it, then please don't contact me.

If you're looking for someone to spit out some generic words for ultra-cheap then please look for someone else to write your sales copy.

I currently have some openings and would love to discuss your next project with you.

I am a master of research and can easily adapt to any industry or product. If I don't believe I can deliver amazing results for you then I will be 100% upfront and tell you from the get go. In those cases I'm happy to refer you to someone who is a better fit.

➡️Go ahead click the big orange "Proceed to Order" button and let's get your listing to the top and generating more Amazon sales than ever before!
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