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USP & Marketing Strategy Session

Most people just throw their product and listing onto Amazon and hope for the best. 

Most people put little real thought, research or work into their listings.

Most people don’t make much money.

Don’t be like most people.

The people who take the time to get absolutely crystal clear on their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) find way more success in selling their products on Amazon and in general.

Treat your Amazon business like what it is…an actual business designed to generate profits by delivering specific value to specific customer segments. 

Over the years I’ve helped dozens of businesses, ranging from national tech start-ups to local businesses and entrepreneurs get clear on their USP and how to deliver their specific marketing message. 

⚡If you don’t have a clear marketing message and emotionally compelling USP with clear and demonstrable benefits then your sales are going to suffer. ⚡

If the ONLY thing you compete on is price…well then you’re entering a race to the bottom that nobody wins.

Yes...Amazon is a closed marketplace and is very price sensitive...but it is by no means the only factor when it comes to helping customers make a buying decision.

How come some companies can sell hundreds or thousands of items a day? How come those same companies can demand a premium price for their products?

The answer is simple: they understand their USP, their marketing messaging, and their target market. 

Don’t write your listings without getting clarity on this crucial step. You’re going to waste money, but more importantly you’re going to waste lots of time. 

Time is a resource you can never get back, so either do the upfront work to get clear on this…or hire me to do it for you.

 BONUS: As a Jungle Market Grand Opening Bonus I will also include a Customer Avatar Report with this USP and Value Proposition Package. 

Creating a customer avatar really helps you get inside the head of your average or typical customer. When you’re in their head then you can speak their language. When you can speak their language…then you can SELL to them! 

Here's what you get working with this package:

✔️ 30-minute intro/consulting call either by phone or Skype.

✔️ A USP report that you can call on again and again for all future sales and marketing needs.

✔️ A custom tailored elevator pitch that can be the focus of online marketing materials.

✔️ LIMITED TIME: A customer avatar report.

✔️ 30-minute follow-up consulting call by either phone or Skype. Learn Exactly HOW to use your USP and boost your sales!

✔️ Total clarity on your marketing messaging, USP and value proposition...and the confidence to implement it right away.

 REMEMBER: Your USP is a central focus of ALL your marketing, advertising and sales materials. You can (and absolutely SHOULD!) incorporate my work into all your sales channels outside of Amazon.


"Nathanael tuned in to what we needed and went beyond. His work was fantastic and before schedule. I will be hiring him again!"

"A truly skilled professional! We have already noticed an improvement..."

⭐ I LOVE marketing and advertising ⭐

⭐ I LOVE sales and persuasion ⭐

⭐ I also truly and sincerely LOVE getting my clients amazing results ⭐

However, I do want to give you full disclosure: I stay busy and often don't have time to pick up new clients. When I do, I make sure to screen them so that we're an awesome fit and I know I can deliver them awesome results.

If you're looking for last minute rush work with little thought or energy put into it, then please don't contact me.

I currently have some openings and would love to discuss your next project with you.

I am a master of research and can easily adapt to any industry or product. If I don't believe I can deliver amazing results for you then I will be 100% upfront and tell you from the get go. In those cases I'm happy to refer you to someone who is a better fit.

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