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A Killer Amazon Listing with both the A+ & HTML Description

Save time and money - Order from the #1 Amazon Listing Copywriting Service on the Jungle Market.

When it comes to a saturated marketplace, standing apart from the competition isn’t just beneficial, it’s vital. Having worked with 1500+ FBA Sellers, I put everything I've learned to your disposal! 

My extensive keyword research process and full SEO is PROVEN to work and unlock your 1st-page ranking potential.

► I present to you… The Complete 100% Compliant Amazon Listing Copywriting Package for Registered Brands.
You’ll receive everything listed below in one special document. You’ll have what you need to maximize your sales.
Simply insert into seller central and let the words work their magic:

Extensive Keyword Research & Competitor Research - Using the Best Paid Software in the market.

Attractive SEO Product Title - With the most powerful keywords to rank high and persuade people to click.

Five Benefit-Oriented Bullet Points – The five biggest benefits of your product.

Story/Sales-Oriented HTML Description – In this section, instead of just listing what the product does and how it helps, I focus on telling a story about your brand and your product, and most importantly, persuade them to click on "Add to Cart"! 

Sales-Oriented EBC Description with 7 section and Layout (NO IMAGES) – Why, when, and how to use your product, in a custom template that can include up to 7 images.

249 Bytes Backend Search Terms – Extra words that rank based on the PPC keyword list.

FULL Keyword List with real data - You can use the list for PPC campaigns and product launch.

BONUS - Product Launch guide 
Requirements needed to get started
1- Product link (If your product is online). If not, I will need information concerning the product, its main features and benefits (website if you have one)
2- What makes it different than the competition
3- Confirmation on which markets you want to optimize for (US, CA, UK, IT, FR, ES, DE)
Focus keywords
More than 10 focus keywords
Number of words included
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Bullet Points
Product Description
HTML Product Description
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
Q- Why hire me & my team?
We are the #1 listing copywriters on the Jungle Market. Be careful from others claiming they are the highest rated. The reviews on this platform are mixed all together, so other sellers offering multiple services will have more reviews because they offer low-ticket services that are quickly delivered, so they gather lots of reviews quickly from other services. We don't. We ONLY offer Amazon listing optimization services, so all our reviews are just related to this service. Check them to see the top sellers we have helped. Your satisfaction is my top priority. :)

Q- What is your experience?
I've created thousands of Amazon product listings and I have my own products selling on Amazon. I've written more than 3000 listings, especially sellers that want to expand to all 5 European marketplaces.

Q- What do you need to start?
I'll need the link to your listing, plus any relevant information that helps me get to know your product. If you have a link to your biggest, most direct competitors, please send it, but that's optional.

Q- Can you write and optimize a listing in all 5 EU languages?
We are a team of native speakers that work on market-specific keyword research. We don't only translate, but write from scratch and LOCALIZE to each marketplace in order to maximize the traffic in each market.