Product Research done like Never Before!

The Ratings Analysis Report has several unique benefits geared to Private Label sellers as well as Amazon Service Providers. You will receive a report (similar to the one attached) that shows an analysis of what customers are actually saying and give you ways to improve on your competitor's product! This is a MULTI-ASIN report (up to 5 ASIN's and 25 Reviews/ASIN)

For Private Label sellers on Amazon, finding the right niche and product is only half the battle. There are many tools available on the market today that provide you with quantitative data. That is, various estimated monthly sales data, estimated rankings data and so on. Our Ratings Analysis Report helps solve the other half of the battle which is, helping you design and develop a product that stands out from the competition. We analyze and rate the reviews of either a competing ASIN (or ASIN’s) or even your own ASIN. Searching for both positive and negative remarks about specific product criteria, we are able to decipher what actual customers are saying about the product and what they like and dislike. After the analysis, we break down these positive and negative comments and provide a short, but detailed analysis of what the consensus is. As an added feature, we also provide some recommendations on how you may want to change, design and develop a similar product should you decide to pursue it. As you can imagine, this information is invaluable and quite helpful in the product research phase. 

AMAZON SERVICE PROVIDERS (and Do-it-Yourself’ers)
For anyone creating or optimizing listings, content is key! By analyzing and rating customer reviews, our Ratings Analysis Reports provides insight into what the customers think about when they are purchasing a particular product. This information can help with choosing the right keywords to bid on for your PPC campaigns as well as creating effective content to include (and not include) in your listings. You will also be able to see what percentage of customer actually took the time to mention specific details about a product. This information indicates what is important to customers and now you can take advantage of that in your efforts to develop and sell winning products.

Take a look at our sample report attached and see for yourself how valuable this info is.

Your competitors have gotten their reports on your its time for you get yours on theirs!!!
Requirements needed to get started
  • 2 TO 5 ASIN'S
  • Criteria to be rated
Private labeled products provided
5 private label products
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days