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Let me find you the most epic keywords this space has to offer, it doesn't matter what you sell or wish to sell.

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Requirements needed to get started
Type of product, if you have a competitor that have a similar product, then you can give me his ASIN if you don't want to reveal yours.
Competitors researched
10 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Q: How Do I Know You Are Worth the Money?

A: Well, unlike most other offers in the different marketplaces, I'm a seller myself and I'm part of 2 well known masterminds which has given me insights to the latest, most effective and groundbreaking whitehat hacks available for Amazon sellers today.

Q: Why Are You so Expensive?

A: I'm a Amazon seller myself, it's not cheap to take me away from my business to help you. I don't use free tools like a lot of other freelancers do. I'm using expensive monthly subscription tools and everything else that gives me the edge over the competition

Q: How Do I Know You Won't Copy My Product?

A: You can just give me your competitors ASIN or product, but if you were to reveal your product to me it wouldn't matter because I have EXTREME standards when it comes to product selection, and I'd use days to verify that your product is either gold or garbage. That's time I don't want to waste in case you don't have a winner on your hands, I rather do the research myself so I can guarantee a winning product.

Q: What Else do You Know About Amazon?

A: Everything that is worth knowing, I've studied and read and listened for years, and I still do today. I invest HEAVILY into my own education and self-improvement and it's giving me great returns. And should you be the one who asks me a question I can't answer, then I'll eat a hat and ask one of the several 7 figure in my network

Q: What is Warren Buffets Advice on Getting Advice?

A: Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway. So make sure you get advice from another person who also rides a Rolls Royce