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Amazon SEO Specialist | Product Ranking, Traffic, Visibility

As a 10 yr veteran in digital marketing and 8 year focus on search engine optimization (SEO) I know that increased traffic increases sales. Although it is not disclosed what the exact BSR and Amazon ranking algorithm is, we can extrapolate that listing traffic, conversions (sales), and positive reviews are key factors. Amazon (like Google) want to serve up the best quality listings for their customers.

What if your listing was ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing for your primary (non-branded) industry keywords?

You would
  • Gain NEW customers whom haven't heard of your brand yet
  • Capture more market share
  • Drive more organic traffic from outside of Amazon (sending a signal to Amazon that could indicate increased brand popularity)
  • Reduce PPC cost
  • Establish a long-term traffic source that is not CPC
  • Increase conversions (according to statistics organic traffic tends to convert better than paid)

Increasing organic search engine rankings, Amazon ranking, and product listing traffic.
Requirements needed to get started
Keep in mind SEO to increase ranking is an ongoing effort.
What is needed to get started:

  1. Set up a strategy call so I can fully understand your product and target demographic.
  2. Access to your Amazon product listing so I can optimize the listing.
  3. Your target keywords.
  4. Your primary competitor(s) (in and outside of Amazon).
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
Will you do keyword research?
Yes, I my own software tools I use that pull market data and keywords and I will conduct my own keyword research based on the keywords and information you provide me.

Can I approve the listing before it is live?
Absolutely. You will approve the keywords and optimized listing copywriting prior to implementation.

Will you help optimize my listing for conversions?
Over the last 10 years I've developed numerous landing pages and I have extensive experience split testing and writing copy. And although conversion rate optimization is not what this service is for I will be happy to make recommendations and rewrite copy where needed.

Will you do linkbuilding?
Yes,  link building will be done and is an ongoing process in order to increase rankings.

Message me with any questions, I'd be happy to answer all questions.