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Website Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions ("T&C") are typically the basis of a binding contract between you and any user/customer of your website.

Those contractual terms are vital to your business. Therefore, you decide whether you want to buy a $5 gig from a law graduate/student which will be a copy of another site or would you hire professionals to draft it for you?

A website owner will rely on its T&C to limit its potential liabilities and set out the rights and obligations of the user/customer.

The T&C should set out what use of the site may be made. This allows the website owner to set out any restriction on the suitability of use of the content.

Not having T&C would leave website owners vulnerable in many ways. Owners need to avoid “borrowing” T&C from other websites.

By tailoring your T&C, you can minimise risks to your business and, in the event of litigation, may be able to invoke a valid defence.

This is the most affordable yet immaculately professional T&C drafting service you will find anywhere. You just can't say no! \

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