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The Badass Copywriting Traffic & Conversion Maximizer

Amazon shoppers DO read bullet points. Make sure they read yours.

The Copywriting Traffic & Conversion Maximizer is designed to get buyers to choose YOUR product over your competitors. Your copy is crafted to entice buyers to read it, to ensure that they see the most important selling points, and to demonstrate superiority over competitor listings and make your product the obvious choice.

This service includes simple, effective techniques original to Badass Busness Builders, not taught by any other copywriting experts or gurus, including the most effective way to ensure your sales convert on both desktop and mobile.

Not only that, but
we teach YOU how to do it for yourself . This is an investment in your business and future listings.

The Maximizer Includes:

  • Handling the FIRST Pain Point of Any Amazon Shopper
  • The "Slap Your Competitors in the Face" Bullet Point Method
  • Chaos to Calm - Crafting The Shopper's Journey to Envision Their Wonderful Life with Your Product
  • Becoming a Brand with Heart to Stir the Customer's Emotions to Buy
  • NEW: The Technique Used to Get Your Buyer to Actually Read Your Important Sales Copy
  • NEW: Maximizing Your Mobile Conversions 
Requirements needed to get started
  • All you need is an Amazon listing!
  • We have an intake form that will walk you though what we need. 
  • PLEASE WATCH Chelsea's comprehensive overview of the service before buying -
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More than 10 focus keywords
Extras included
Competitor Research
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Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
  • WILL YOU REWRITE MY LISTING? Yep! We provide a comprehensive analysis and program for what you need to optimize your listing. (Give an entrepreneur a fish, they eat for a day. But teach them to fish...)
  • IS THIS ONLY FOR PRIVATE LABEL? We've been selling private label products for years, so that's where our knowledge base was established. But we can still help if you are able to access and edit your listing.
  • IS THIS FOR NEW or ADVANCED SELLERS? If you already have a live listing but want it to perform better, this service is for you!
  • I HAVE SO MANY MORE QUESTIONS...That's okay! Watch the YouTube video. ;)