Product Differentiation Cheat Sheet

It's no secret that the key to success on Amazon is a great product. But most of the time, sellers like us are so eager to go to market that we assess the viability of our product by quantitative measures alone, and skip over the qualitative thinking that makes good products great.

Why do most people skip this step? It depends. More often than not, it's because being creative is hard. Finding the intersection between creative product differentiation and market demand is even harder. But what most sellers don't know is that effective product differentiation doesn't have to be as challenging an effort that it may seem.

You see, most products can be differentiated in a handful of key ways. And that's the secret.

Not only does the guide you'll receive provide a list of five broadly-applicable product differentiation strategies, but it also includes a swathe of other content, recommendations and advice that--in most cases--gives you the information you need to give your product the leading edge it needs to succeed. Consider it a cheat-sheet for product differentiation, that gives you actionable ideas and advice for how you can position your product for long-term success from the get-go, with minimal impact on your time-to-market.

I look forward to working with you, and helping you make a product that consumers can't help but order!
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