Extensive Product Research with Premium Tools | 3 in 1 +

I will perform and extensive product research for your business with multiple premium tools and with the following strategies:

✔️ Strategies:
We will try 3 different strategies to find products on Amazon
  1. Low selling low competition (High margin)
  2. Medium selling medium competition (Good margin)
  3. High selling high competition (Fair margin)

✔️ Premium Tools:
  1. JungleScout webapp
  2. MerchantWords
  3. KeywordInspector
  4. Amazon Coupon Finder (Secret Method)
  5. Amazon DS Quick view extension Premium

✔️ Free Tools:
  1. Google trends
  2. Google keyword planner (what people are searching for)
  3. Merchant words Reverse Engineering
  4. Some other free keyword and market research tools

✔️ Considerations:

  • Gated or Non-gated products
  • Branded or Non-branded products
  • Patented in China or in US (your Amazon country) check
  • Seasonality Check
  • Certificates & Requirements for Amazon 
  • Packaging considerations check
  • Competitors BSR Steadiness (Legit Sales History Check - LSH)
  • Check for niche market
  • Check for addon opportunities
  • Check for bundling opportunities

⚠️ We have near 40 criteria for choosing a winner product on Amazon that no one else has and this is the most valuable business asset for us.

⭐ The products we find for you has a great chance and likelihood to win. We all know Amazon.com is saturated with products but the thing that Amazon will never get saturated with is a NEW PRODUCT IDEA, which we will help you to bring one into this market.

Our team of experts will do the best for you
Requirements needed to get started
  • Give me your budget 
  • Any specific product category you wan to enter?
  • Is this your first launch?
  • Can I have your storefront URL to get a better understanding of your business and strategies
Private labeled products provided
3 private label products
4 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
❓  : Why FBAMAP service?
✔️: We have successfully launched multiple Australian brands on Amazon.com.au and Amazon.com

❓  : Will you be able to source the product for us as well?
✔️: We have great agents by our side that can take care of sourcing for you like no others.