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Premium Arbitrage Weekly Deals

Investible was created by Amazon Sellers for Amazon Sellers. We wanted to create a way to easily start and grow an Amazon business. Our variety of weekly deals lists allows anyone to quickly gain access to profitable products through arbitrage. Deals are found through a variety of softwares. You can purchase these products online or in store, we just recommend never buying more than ten of each item to protect the integrity of each listing. Just verify that the data we've provided is accurate, and go make your purchase!

There are two levels of arbitrage lists available, both of which offer pre-sorted, analyzed arbitrage deals (see pictures for an example):
  • The standard list offers several hundred items each week, released Monday morning.
  • The premium deals offer 10 items a day, Monday through Friday. Only 20 people have access to each list, so you get pretty exclusive access (more than 20 people can sign up, we'll just make more lists).

This listing is exclusively for the Premium Weekly Deals List.
Requirements needed to get started
Complete payment through Jungle Market, we will reach out to create your account.
Reaching out should take less than 24 hours, except on the weekends, when account set up might not be complete until Mondays.
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Are there any requirements for being able to access the list?
  • Yes, you should never order more than 10 units per item. This helps to guarantee the integrity of the listing.
What is included in the pre-researched information?
  • You can check the picture for most of the information provided, but we include fee and pricing information, as well as sales, profit, and revenue estimates.
How long am I allowed to access the lists I sign up for?
  • The initial payment will cover the first month, after which we'll ask you to re-sign up through the website (payments completed through PayPal).