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Best Amazon Product Listing Optimisation

Did  you get overwhelmed by all the information shared on Youtube about how important your product listing is? Did you choose a great product, but even so, you don’t get too many organic sales as your competitors? Or maybe, did you launch your PPC campaigns and, even after 48 hours, you’ve noticed that your conversion rate is too low?  

The answer is simple: Outsource your product listing and WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU OUT! 

Assuming that you have HIGH QUALITY PICTURES, than you ONLY need to optimize your PRODUCT LISTING to increase your CONVERSION RATE. Because, once your customer has found your product through searching, an effective product detail page entices customers to buy your products, tell their friends and grow your business.

As I started my Amazon journey, I understood that every step I have to take should be meticulously applied. Therefore, increasing my products conversion rates was one of the steps that I studied profoundly! 

Well, here is what I will do for YOU:

First, I will do extensive keyword research using tools like merchant words, Keyword inspector, Keyword scout, Keyword planner and scope for your product so I know exactly which keywords you need to be targeting and which keywords drive most sales for your competitors. 
I provide well written, SEO friendly Item Title where you will pull people in. This will include all relevant information about your product as well as it’s main keywords so you show up better in search. 
 Well-crafted 5 bullet points increase sales. Customers rely on them to understand key product features as they highlight important or distinguishing facts about your product. 
The description in your Amazon listing is where you will tell a story about your brand and your product. Answer all of your customer’s questions and give them a complete explanation of all the features. This will be fully optimized with HTML for a clean look that is easy to read. 
 I will include 250 characters “as per Amazon TOS” for your product that you can add in the “search term” section in the back end of your listing. 

Some advice if you decide to choose another offer: 

Don’t repeat your keywords 
Put the keywords that contains the highest click through ratio in your title
If it’s your first product it’s better to outsource your product listing and then learn from what you get.

Requirements needed to get started
I only need your product's name and specifications ( color, dimensions, number of unit if it's 2 or 4 pack, ...)
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 3 days