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Label and Send Your FBA Stock to Amazon UK

Let us take the strain away from sending your stock to FBA. With us it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

We can receive your stock from anywhere in the World to our UK based warehouse and can have this checked, labelled and sent on to Amazon FBA. Simply:

  1. Send us a list of the stock you wish to send
  2. Send the stock to our UK warehouse (address will be supplied)
  3. We label the stock to Amazon guidelines and send this to FBA

We can receive shipments of any size and nature.

This listing ($100) includes upto 100 individual items for labelling. However, the more you send, the better the price. If you are sending more we can provide a custom quote, based on the following rates:

101 - 500 Items = $0.65 per item
501 - 1000 Items = $0.50 per item
1001 - 2500 Items = $0.30 per item
2501 - 6000 Items = $0.22 per item
Over 6000 Items = $0.18 per item

Our rates are amongst the lowest in the industry. Please note that the above costs cover labelling only. If a suffocation warning label is required, we will add this at no additional cost. If the items need re-packaging, please contact me for a quote.

We work very fast, following delivery smaller shipments are usually processed within two working days. Larger shipments may take a little longer, but in any case are labelled within five working days.

Onward shipment to Amazon is carried out by UPS via the facility within Seller Central where you can purchase discounted shipping to Amazon.

If we are given access to Seller Central, we will create the shipping plan and generate all box labels etc that are required within your Seller Central account.
Requirements needed to get started
Please can you send me:
  1. A list of SKU's and quantities that are being sent
  2. The type if item you are sending
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
Can you ship to Amazon Germany, France, Italy, Spain?
Yes we can. We can ship anywhere, but will charge the shipping cost back to you at cost. We do not make a margin on shipping.

My item(s) need re-packaging, can you do this?
Yes. We will package the most economical way which fits within Amazon guidelines. Once we have more information on your product, we can quote for re-packaging.