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Split A/B Testing For Your Listing

Not many sellers are split testing their listings...Get a competitive advantage by testing your changes and getting the most optimized listings possible with real data to support it!

I'll do all the optimization for your listing, and run split tests to really test which changes help and how much. Many times what works for one product may not work for others, so standard typical best practices don't always apply. Use split testing to really drill down on what makes your customers convert.

This package includes a listing audit and a month of split testing.
Requirements needed to get started
Must have an existing product listing.

Split testing is most effective for products with regular daily sales. For listings with less sales volume, we can run split tests on primary images, prices, and title to determine which version gets more clicks.

To do split testing, you must have listing control. It may not work all the time. Titles tend to have the most trouble, as sometimes request for changes don't go through automatically. If you are brand registered, it normally works fine.
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
How effective are split tests?

Results vary with the main factor being where your product is starting from. I find it's typical to increase sales 20%-40% in the first two months of split testing. Products with a large amount of sales may increase by a lower percentage but will have a greater ROI through higher sales volume.