Burning Money on PPC ? Do you want Low ACOS? As low as 10%

Do you feel like you're burning money on Amazon, hardly making any profit ?

This is likely due to your PPC spending.

Do you want your ACOS to be as low as 10% ?

I was able to achieve 2.72% , 18.79% , 18.55% and 34.49% while RANKING FOR THE KEYWORD!

This has resulted all my products to be in page # 1 for several keywords.

We keep your product information confidential and would never compete against you!

Let us review your Amazon Sponsored Ads Campaign 

  • Review your PPC Search Term, ACOS, and campaigns. 
  • Review your Amazon listing to optimize it for PPC. 
  • After reviewed your Search Term, research more relevant keywords. 
  • Optimize your Amazon Listing and back end search. 
  • 30 Minutes Skype Call
  • BONUS! I'll Record the whole PPC optimization process for your product so that you can re-watch, learn to analyze, and optimize it for your future product launch. 

* This is no brainer, not only will I optimize your listing, you will also learn "How" I optimized your listing and mimics it for your next product launch. 
Requirements needed to get started
Team Reviewer remote desktop sharing application
  • You can see all changes happening on your screen. 
  • I can record the video on your laptop, real time experience. 
  • I don't need Amazon permission to sign into your account. 
  • Safer and easier to use. 


Give us an access to your Amazon PPC account. 

Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Q) Can you provide a Follow up !! 
 A) Yes we can and will to see how everything going.
 Q) I am new to this
 A) That's ok, just let us know ahead of time so that we can explain everything in details while recording the video.