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Fully Optimized Keyword Research, SEO, Backend Search Terms

Everyone knows that excellent optimized keywords are a crucial component of a successful Amazon listing - an important step to make your listing rank alongside your competitors.

  • Ever wanted to spy on the exact and broad search terms that your competition is using on their backend? 
  • What are your competitors top keywords? and where do they rank for each of them?
  • Want to know how many units you need to sell or "giveaway" to get to page 1 for a specific keyword? 
  • How many listings are competing against each keyword?
  • Which keywords to target?

Now you can! 

  • Perform in-depth market & competitor keyword research and put together the most relevant 250-300 Character backend search terms.
  • Find top performing keywords with high volume and relevancy to include in your listing.
  • Show you, how many units you need to sell / giveaway each day and for how long to get to PAGE 1. How many listings are competing for each keyword and which keywords to target.

I use custom, proprietary software to quickly collect the phrases that are proven search terms that lead to the listings you want to rank next to - the products you directly compete with.

Using this research, I will provide:

  • A thoroughly researched document listing all the search terms that customers use to find your directly competing products, in order of importance (Excel format)
  •  Even show you keywords that your competitors are not taking advantage of!

My services come with a money-back guarantee - and if you would like me to add or change something, I’m happy to revise.
I’m looking forward to working with you!
Requirements needed to get started
  • 5-7 ASINS or links of your competition. 
  • Asin or link of your listing.
Private labeled products provided
1 private label product
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours