ONE FULL MONTH Amazon PPC PLUS Split A/B Testing On Listings

Unlike Google, Amazon PPC only allows you to put the product in front of others and choose what you're willing to pay. You can't create custom landing pages that increase conversion rates. Your listing IS your landing page.  That's why it's essential to run efficient PPC campaigns that control costs ALONG WITH data-driven listing optimization through split testing.

A Google PPC expert would never forego A/B testing their landing pages, yet hardly any Amazon sellers are using split testing, much less doing so consistently.

Results differ from where your product is starting from, but my results have shown you can typically increase sales 20-40% within the first two months of split testing.

Each package includes one full month of PPC management and split testing for one product.
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Frequently asked questions
  • How Does Split Testing On Amazon Work?
We'll use a software called Splitly. With Splitly, it will change the listing each day at midnight. It will also track the results that occur with each version of the listing. Over time, you can get enough data to understand which version better converts visitors into customers.

  • What Are The Best Split Tests To Run?
The best tends to be testing different primary images, price, and titles, as they are what visitors see before they click into the listing.

Primary Image - The primary image not only can help quickly show the product, but can also be used to grab attention. I find with private label products, doing an image from a different angle, with packaging, or zooming in can make a huge difference on click-through-rates.

Pricing - Pricing is also a great test. Instead of regular A/B testing, it's best to test price using a feature called "profit peak." This is where instead of switching between two different prices, it actually tests a whole range and uses a regression to calculate the profit maximizing price.

Titles - Titles are more difficult for a couple reasons. 1. Amazon makes it harder to change titles, often it requires telling Amazon support to make the change. 2. The title has a strong effect on search rankings and the effect of those changes don't become apparent for about a week. I usually just do testing of titles on relatively new listings.

Bullet points and secondary images are great to run on listings with regular daily sales. they won't usually effect the amount of sessions much but they certainly affect the conversion rates. I find just switching the order of the secondary images and bullets can be quite effective.

  • What's Your Approach To PPC?
I focus on making PPC campaigns easy to manage and structured. PPC campaigns won't raise your conversion rates but you can structure them effectively so that you can control your ACoS, hit your targets, make your bids more and more specific, and adjust bids to seasonality changes and conversion rate changes (due to split testing and additional reviews). I use a PPC automation software by Seller Labs called Ignite, which enables us to dig deeper and manage your PPC in less time.

See the screenshots from PPC campaigns and split tests I have run in the past.