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Amazon Product Insert And/Or Instruction Manual

We will design a brochure, packaging insert, or instruction manual that you can put inside your product packaging to boost the value of each sale on Amazon.

A professional packaging insert can do a lot for your business.  It can encourage brand loyalty and 5-star reviews by simply thanking them for their purchase, tell them how to register their product for a warranty (and net you their email address), educate them about how best to use your product, and more.

At Alpine Designs, we know from experience what it takes to maximize the impact of each and every sale at minimal cost using simple packaging inserts without violating Amazon's terms of service, which we know well inside and out. 

Whether you are looking for a simple package insert that allows customers to register for a warranty or sign up for your email list, an instruction manual to help customers have a 5-star experience using your product, or any other instructional inserts included with your product, we can help.

Please note that the price we charge for this offer is PER PAGE, so if you want a multi-page instruction manual then please be sure to add the appropriate quantity of this service (1 per page) to your Jungle Market cart before checking out.  For example, if you want one packaging insert plus a two-page instruction manual, then be sure to set the Quantity to "3" on this page and then add that to your cart.

It's okay if you are not sure how many pages you will need.  You can make a conservative estimate based on what your manufacturer tells and/or what your competitors are doing, make your purchase on Jungle Market, and if you need to add more pages later then you may purchase additional pages after we begin design work.

This offer, like all offers by Alpine Designs, comes with a fixed price per page, unlimited revisions, any and all relevant file types (.ai, .psd, .jpg, .png, etc.), and can easily accommodate short-notice or last-minute deadlines.

After paying on and receiving confirmation from us, we will schedule a brief (10-20 minute) Skype or phone call to discuss your product, brand, vision and deadlines.  After that, we can get started.

Requirements needed to get started
We don't need any logo, copy, or product photography from you to begin work, but we will need a detailed product description.

Product photography, a logo, and/or copy is not necessary but can be very helpful, and will be required if you want photos of your product, your log, and/or any specific copy to appear in your insert or manual.

Please note that this offer does NOT include logo design or product packaging design services, but we do have other listings that include logo design, product packaging, and more, which you can combine with this offer for a smooth and consistent branding process.
Cover type
Product Package
2D Graphic
3D Model
Animated Model
File formats provided
Extras included
Back & Side
Source File
3D Image
Commercial Use
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days