Amazon PPC/AMS: Audit, Create, Optimize Your Ads

Hey! My name is Alex, I’m from London, UK and run Push-Pull. We are an Amazon specialist E-Commerce Marketing Agency based in Kent, UK. With experience in both Amazon US, UK and EU Retail / Marketplaces. 
SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: I have over 5 years’ experience and investment in testing exactly what drives Amazon sales. So far, I’ve worked on over 1000 products across 30 different brands combined.
VALUE: What matters most to Amazon Sellers and Vendors? More product sales. For more customers, you need more advertising and market exposure. I strive to deliver exactly that.
Pay Per Click Advertising will level up your brands presence and speed up the profit process. Sounds a bit techy, doesn’t it? And it can be… So that’s where I can help. I currently generate 7 figures in revenue in on-site Amazon advertising for 16 different brands; all from those little “Sponsored” listings you’ll have seen in search results. Amazon customers are already in “buying mode” so unlike other off-site adverts; with a decent product and budget, these pretty much guarantee sales. I'll audit, create, and optimize ad campaigns for you, saving you time and hassle!
  1. Auditing: If you’ve been running ads already, I will review your current and previous campaigns to identify where you’re at right now and devise a plan to deliver a better ROI from your Sponsored Products (Up to 3 Days)
  2. Creation: Whether you’re a seasoned seller, or just getting started… I’ll build brand new advertising campaigns for you. Properly structured and using only the most relevant, yet highly searched keywords* (Up to 7 Days)
  3. Optimization: Once you’ve had your campaign(s) running for at least two weeks, it’s time for me to optimize, to cut back on any wasted spend and double down on what's working to drive profits further (Up to 14 days)

*Priced for up to 5 ASINs

All my services come with a money-back guarantee and can be tailored to suit your needs. Reasonable revisions can be made at no extra cost.
I look forward to working with you!

Speak soon,
Requirements needed to get started
  • ASINs/Links to your product listings. Preferably optimized, because this will affect your conversion rate and potentially waste your advertising efforts! 
  • A clear understanding of your profit margin for each product you plan to advertise (ACoS Goals)
  • I’ll need to know what your advertising intentions are. Are you after pure sales uplift, improved profitability? Or are you most interested in driving maximum awareness of your brand on Amazon?
  • If you know which products you will be directly competing with, please provide their ASINs or links to their listings. This is not essential but is usually helpful!

Extras included
PPC Account Audit
Keyword Expansion
Search Term Expansion
Campaign Optimization
Monthly Progress Reports
Delivery time
Up to 14 days
Frequently asked questions
What if I have more than 5 ASINs I need advertising?
No problem, I have successful clients with hundreds of ASINs! Just send me a message. We’ll discuss the details and build a bespoke PPC proposal to suit your needs

What if my listings aren’t optimized?
If your listings aren’t optimized yet, don’t panic! I also offer these services at an exclusively generous discount to my Amazon PPC clients
What is your experience?
My start-up is fairly new, and I’m new to the Jungle Market, but not to Amazon Marketing. I currently run Amazon PPC for 20+ well-known global consumer brands, and I have my own products selling on Amazon!
Do I need to give you my Amazon login?
Yes please, I don’t need access to anything other than your Campaign Manager though. This access can be provided under user permissions in Seller Central (Sellers) or AMS (Vendors)

Why do I have to wait two weeks?
This is how long it takes Amazon to fully download and refresh all of the data points inside your campaign manager. I take a lot of pride in providing great results for my clients. And like any professional, I need all the right information available to optimize your campaigns and make properly informed decisions that affect your success.
How much do you charge for managing my campaigns on an ongoing basis?
I’m driven by my clients’ successes - so after initial set up and optimization - my monthly fees are just a small percentage of the revenue I generate for you. I don't get paid unless you do!

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!