EBC Content Provides A Boost In Trust With Consumers


REDUCE YOUR WORKLOAD - Successful Amazon entrepreneurs realize very quickly that working in the Amazon world requires that you wear many hats and are required to know many skills. Smart sellers understand that they don't have the time and/or knowledge to execute all of these skills or requirements.
Allow the professionals at amazonSelling.Pro to relieve you from the burden of learning graphics software and copywriting and craft high converting EBC content for you placing you and your brand in a position to stand out among your competitors.

EXPERTISE, FOCUS, TRUST - Myself and my team have been involved in Internet marketing and conversion optimization for over a decade. 
We've taken that deep knowledge and laser focused on a comprehensive set of services targeted to Amazon sellers. 
Know that we've got the proof, references, reviews and happy clients to earn your trust and ensure a long, profitable and mutually beneficial business relationship. 
Please view some examples of previous client work above.

EBC Content

EBC Content Can Be Utilized Several Ways:
  • STRAIGHT BRANDING - If you have a lot of products that may not have the most interesting story (socks) EBC content can be used to speak about your company and business, manufacturing, quality and company mission. Use a single EBC template across all your products and elevate your listings and brand.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFIC/DEMONSTRATION - Some products just beg to have their individual features highlighted and can benefit from using EBC to highlight them. Other times a series of photos or illustration can better explain and show consumers how the product functions or works. Think “Camera”, “Drone” product features or “Tire Repair Kit” steps showing how to repair a tire. 
  • HYBRID OF STRAIGHT AND PRODUCT BRANDING - Use the upper part of the template to provide some insight to the product and features and use the latter half to brand your company, mission, story. This still requires a template per product but as half the content can be reused we can discount additional EBC work

My EBC Content work includes :

  1. COMPREHENSIVE KEYWORD RESEARCH - I conduct keyword, competitor and product review research to make sure my clients are targeting the most searched keywords in their niche, finding new listing ideas, and addressing product issues mentioned in product reviews.
  2. PSYCHOLOGICAL COPY THAT SPEAKS TO SOLUTIONS AND BENEFITS - I use the research to create proper "human readable", sales oriented copy, addressing key features and benefits as well as addressing how the product solves customers problems and provides benefits. 
  3. PROVIDE PHOTO AND LOGO ENHANCEMENTS - Photos are a key factor in conversions and it's paramount to having success on Amazon. The use of “lifestyle” photos in EBC can show consumers your product in use while graphic elements can pinpoint features and benefits. Logo elements can also be added to photos to further strengthen overall branding. I ensure that your photos are Amazon compliant and sized correctly for the various elements used in the EBC templates. 

Optional Services:
(please view my other listing)
Listing Optimization : I will find and use the most highly searched and highest converting search terms for your product and category so that it qualifies to be ranked for any number of potential customer searches. This demonstrates to Amazon relevancy and is the key factor in running successful Sponsored Ad campaigns.

A/B Split Testing : I can also implement A/B testing to insure listing pricing, titles, bullets and description are fully optimized for conversions. 

Sponsored Ads Management : I will use the acquired keyword research to create comprehensive campaigns that address all keyword match types. I then maintain these campaigns to achieve agreed upon ACoS goals according to where the product is in it's lifecycle i.e.; Launch, Growth, Profitable
Requirements needed to get started

You'll need to provide access to your Seller Central account.
I'll need you to go to Seller Central, Settings->User Permissions->Add a New Seller Central User.
Enter my email address - [email protected]
I will receive an invitation to manage your account.

Once I accept, I will message you and you will then have to return to User Permissions and click Manage Permissions for my email address.
I'll need View & Edit permission to:

Inventory -> Click View & Edit Button
Advertising -> Campaign Manager -> View&Edit
Media Upload -> Image Uploading -> Admin
I will then be able to access your account through mine.

I will also need access to a shared Internet folder containing your media assets, product & lifestyle photos, company logo (must be .svg or .ai files, NOT .jpg)
Focus keywords
More than 10 focus keywords
Number of words included
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Bullet Points
Product Description
HTML Product Description
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
Can I contact you if I have any questions?
Feel free to message me anytime, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How do you actually change my listing?
Amazon allows sellers to provide access to their accounts on a limited basis to provide service providers like myself to work on listings, Sponsored Ads management, promos etc.
EBC content requires that I work directly in your account on the templates. I will screenshot a preview of my completed work for your review and upon approval will submit it to amazon for their approval. Amazon may take up to 7 days to approve.

Are you happy to make any changes if I need to make a revision?
It's pretty rare that my clients ask for revisions, but you are the product owner and if you feel that changes are necessary, No problem. :)
However, be prepared for pushback and an explanation if I disagree with your changes. :) I'm a professional and it's my responsibility to advise on best practices if I think your revisions may be detrimental. 
In the end you're free to make any changes after my work is complete.

Are you a native speaker?
English is my mother tongue. Rest assured that your listings will be written in perfect English (US English or UK English) and tailored to suit your marketplace audience (a "fanny pack" in the US is a "festival bag" in the UK)

Why should I choose you as my copywriter?
Because we eat, drink and sleep all aspects of Amazon!
I'm experienced conversion optimization specialist and Amazon copywriter.
I understand the importance of optimizing listings for both Amazon's A9 algorithm to ensure your listing gets seen, and the shopper who needs to be convinced your product scratches their itch :)
Creating that perfect mix, is an art form and I'm a professional artist!

What marketplaces do you optimize for?
I optimize product listings for both the US and UK marketplace. I have access to trusted native translators to convert my listing work to any Amazon marketplace worldwide.

I've heard a lot about TOS compliant listings. What does that mean exactly?
TOS compliant listings are Amazon's permitted guidelines for listings.
EBC content needs to be submitted to Amazon for approval so if there’s any issues Amazon will alert us with the corrections necessary. Once resubmitted it’s usually approved.