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How To Rank On 1st Page of Amazon & Collect Emails!

How to rank your Amazon product listing and also collect emails?

Check out the youtube video:

First create an optin page that looks like this and provide discount for about 7 to 10 days:

Create Facebook and Google ads to get traffic.

Benefits of this optin page:

1. It show different keywords or links (super urls and storefront urls) to different visitors on the optin page. So each visitor sees a new keyword or a new link in the front end.

2. Collect emails for providing 70% off

3. Retarget the visitors of your optin page using retargeting pixel from Google and Facebook/Instagram. You cannot retarget visitors if you send them directly to Amazon page

4. You can contact them via e-mail for reviews

5.  Make people buy 2 or 3 units in a single order. (For example provide them with buy 3 get 70% off instead of buy get 70% off. This way you will increase Amazons conversion rate and sales per session compared to buy 1 get 70% off)

With this service, I will provide a replica of the above optin page and you can edit it in the back end. 

If you want me to install please send me the FTP login and I will install it for you.

License is for 1 domain for 1 year.
Requirements needed to get started
Your FTP login ideally, so I can install it for you
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 30 days