I'll get you WAY more product reviews by fixing your emails!

So you got your feedback platform set up, added some free email templates from an Amazon guru... and still don't get enough product reviews?

Sounds like you need to fix (as in optimize) your email series -- and I want to help!

Your feedback emails should do three things:
(1) Get You More Reviews
(2) Build Customer Good-Will
(3) Stop Bad Reviews

What will you get?
(1) Corrections for up to four (4) feedback emails.
(2) Subject line (or “title”) suggestions to help you increase the open rate of your e-mails — ‘cause they can’t leave a review if they don’t open the email first!

This package includes:
One 30-minute Kickoff Call to help me understand you & your business, and set expectations so that I can optimize those emails for you!
What’s the process?
(1) We discuss all the details & the info I need in our 30-min Kickoff Call .
(2) You send me a Word/TXT file with all your emails & subject lines, as well as the current open and review rates as shown by your feedback platform.
(3) I make changes & send the final emails back to you!

Why should you hire me?
I've been an email marketer for almost a decade, and an Amazon seller (and marketing consultant) for the last year and a half. 

The emails I fix get opened, which means your products will get more reviews! 
Requirements needed to get started
1.) A document with the copy & subject lines for the emails you're sending.

2.) The open & review statistics you're seeing on your emails now.

3.) Tell me which service you're using -- they don't all have the same capabilities.
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
Do you set everything up inside my email autoresponder?
No, but please see my other listings if you need me to do that for you!

So what do I get from you?
A document that includes the correct email copy & suggested subject lines (also known as "titles" or "headlines") for your emails.

What feedback service do you use?
I love ZonMaster, but I can work with any feedback platform!

Will you make adjustments to your final delivery?
Sure thing, one round of revisions is included. :)