2018 NEW Launching & Ranking PPC Strategy

Completely NEW  Launching & Ranking Amazon PPC Strategy FULL Setup

Hi,  Are you currently selling on Amazon but you are NOT getting enough Organic and Ad sales? Are you trying to use Amazon's PPC Sponsored Ads but you are NOT getting the result that you want?

I am Edward, the owner of AmzDivision company.  We offer top consulting services for Amazon sellers all around the world.

I’ve worked with over 100 clients by now,  so everything I teach is proven to work efficiently. Being a member of top international Amazon masterminds, I've spent 100+ hours monthly, testing the latest Amazon strategies for product launching, keyword ranking, listing optimization and PPC optimization.

Here's what you'll get :
  • Premium Keyword research for your product :
-  using top keyword mining tools  you will get an excel file with all your relevant keywords for your product with Amazon monthly search volumes and other relevant statistics.
  • 2018 NEW Strategy - PPC Campaign Setup :
- using the keyword research file , I will send you The Most Aggressive PPC Strategy you can setup to increase your sales volume. This PPC strategy includes 9 different campaigns (exact match, phrase match, broad match) with specific keyword bids & budgets. If you already have specific keywords (3 maximum)  you want to rank for, let me know.
-All you have to do is copy-paste the information I send you into your seller central - Campaign Manager tab.
-Let the campaigns run for 1 month and then start optimisation  process. 
Requirements needed to get started
1. ASIN number of your listing  or link to your product page (mandatory)
2. Maximum 3 keywords you want to rank for (optional)
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
WILL this PPC structure work for my product ?

This Campaign structure works for every product. Still, there are a lot of factors which can influence your overall results.
For better results your product listing should have :
- Good listing copy and images
- At least 4 reviews (4+ stars)
- Good keyword relevancy (Listing should be indexed by the algorithm for as many keywords used in this strategy)

Can I make changes to this campaign structure?

You can change the keywords inside these campaign structure at any time, depending on your objectives .