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WOW 360 Product Spin Pack 24 • Video Clip & 24 hi res images

see this link for a sample.

Let your customer's see what they are getting with a 360 Product Spin! Using state of the art 360 digital turntables your product can be captured showing every feature. Not only will we generate a video clip in the format of your choice but you can receive 24 high resolution still images of your product too.

Bonus!! Your WOW Spin becomes an interactive media element when hosted with our cloud server partner.

This interactive photographic asset allows your customers to drag across a product image and spin it around, stop, zoom in and inspect every detail. Studies show that the longer a consumer spends on a product page the more likely they are to buy. Our customer report a 47% increase in conversion for items they feature with spin photography.

Over 10,000 Amazon pages feature my photography because my work gets results! (seriously, I've counted the listings)
Call us today to discuss your project. 312.492.4802x101

What my clients say.
Joe has been my go-to photo guy for more than a decade now. I have confidence not only in his photographic skills and eye for design, but also for his attention to detail, as well as abilities with digital imaging. Many times I am not able to be on site for the shoot and i don't even sweat it. He communicates well and always takes the time to get it just right before he delivers."
Cindy Shirk
Chief Branding Officer, BEER NUTS® Legacy Corp.

"Joe is an "outside-the-lines" creative problem solver. Detail oriented, focused and driven, Joe and I partnered on hundreds of successful projects. Joe is reliable and dedicated to a positive outcome on everything he works on."
Rob Anderson
Business Office Manager at Brookdale

"Joe has been great to work with for over a decade. Super creative and takes ownership early in the project that results in consistently beautiful shots. He always provides me with expert advise about how to get what we're looking for on time and on budget."
Frances Landfear
TypeCase Marketing Resource, Inc.
Requirements needed to get started
  • Contact me to discuss your products BEFORE you place your order. I work very hard to align expectations with my clients so please give me call so we can get on the same page.
  • Ship your products to me. Once I have received them you can officially place your order. Please include return shipping air bills and RMA number if needed.

Running time (seconds)
File formats provided
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Special Effects
Ultra HD (4K)
Background Music
Add Logo
Overlay Text
Commercial Use
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
  • Why do I need to call you?
We need to have conversation about your products. What they do and how they work will have some impact on how I photograph them.
  • How big can my items be?
Items over 24 inches in any dimension don't qualify for this package. We will be happy to photograph them for you but they will require a different package.
  • Can I have props in my photos?
This package does not include photography with props but I am happy to include any props you send along for a small up charge. We can discuss details during our phone conversation.
  • How do I get my products back?
We will repack your products in their original boxes. You will need to prepare shipping air bills for the return and include them with the product.
  • How do I know I will like my photos?
I will email you images of the first view and if you are available to review right away you can give me your approval. If not then I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that states your money will be returned (less the Jungle Market fee) if you agree to delete the images delivered.