10 Product Photos: 8 White Background, 2 Lifestyle

Every product needs crisp, clear images if they hope to succeed in the online markets!
This package includes TEN product photos: 8 white background and 2 lifestyle images.

This package does not include the use  a model.
I have access to a diverse crew of models and/or pets. Models are $25 per model and that fee is paid via PayPal before the shoot. **Additional fee for models age newborn-3**

If your package requires perishable props such as produce, meat, or fresh flowers, you will have to fund the purchase of the props desired.
I am happy to say these costs are typically minimal. Shoots using food props typically range in $5-$35, depending on the props needed. 

You can expect crisp, clean images of your product on a pure white background. Lifestyle images aim to make sense to your product and also your target market. Images are professionally shot in studio then edited using professional software. I'll remove any dust, scratches, or minor defects, and ensure color correctness. 

Your images will be available 6-8 days after arriving to the studio. 
Requirements needed to get started
Your product in its best form! You may have heard the camera adds ten pounds, but what it also does is captures any imperfections within your product. If you send a used item for photographs, the photographs will be high quality images of a used/scratched/dented item. Send your product carefully, and ensure that you're sending one you want the world to see!
If you would like photos of your product in packaging, please be aware of damages that can happen to boxes during shipping and plan accordingly. If your product is delicate or fragile, please consider sending two incase one is broken during shipment to expedite the process and cut out the cost and wait time of a potential second shipment.

Your detailed, numbered shot list/ideas/wishes/comparative shots/etc. BEFORE your product is shot. The more I know about the way you wish to display your product, the better I can bring those ideas to fruition for you. Scope out images of competitors and get a feel for how others have displayed similar products. I am happy to recreate shots or angles to the best of my ability. I will always be upfront and honest with you about my capabilities to match before your product is shot. It is crucial that you provide these ideas for me before I photograph your product, if you wish to have input on the shoot. We should be on the same page in understanding what images will be produced for you. If your product requires perishables and you have a preference to what foods are displayed, this must be made known ahead of the photoshoot. Reshoots to change perishables will be at your cost.

If you require perishables, please send a list of the desired perishables.
Once shopping is complete, I will send you a copy of the receipt and you will pay me for via Paypal.

Your requirements for models and/or settings for lifestyle shots. I am upfront and honest about the resources I have available for shoots and the models I have access to. I will not makes promises I can not deliver. I have a diverse crew of models available, and also have access to a variety of domestic animals for shots. If you have a preference for your model beyond male or female, please express those when we discuss your shot list.

Open Communication If you have questions or suggestions about your shoot, I would love to hear them! I am happy to throw around ideas with you- my end goal is a happy, returning client. I will be in contact with you throughout the process.

Return Label
If you would like your product back after it is shot, please include a return label with your package, or provide one to me within one week of job completion. I am a high volume studio, and can not store or hold on to items for longer than one week
Number of images
10 images included per package
File formats provided
0 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
What is the difference between a "white background" image and a "lifestyle" image?
A White Background shot is a shot that features ONLY your product on a white background (black available upon request.) No props, no backdrops, no models.
A Lifestyle Image encompasses everything else. Your product on a wood backdrop, your product with a model, your product filled with props, your product in a specific setting. Even if you'd like a model wearing/using your product on a white background, the use of the model makes the shot a lifestyle image.

How do I create my shot list?
Think of how you want to display your product. Have a clear idea of what makes your product stand out for your potential customers, and build from there. What product features do you want to focus on? Great quality or stitching? Size?  Does your product have extras? Special packaging? Nobody knows your product and its purpose better than you!
Dive into your competitor's images and feel free to send on the ones you like to me as examples/reference images to work from. I can not promise to 100% duplicate your example images, since infants can not be asked to pose a certain way/smile/sleep, but we will work to the best of our abilities with the model to capture similar images to the ones that caught your eye. You can be sure you will receive high quality images of your product.

Do you provide composite images?
Composite images are not included in this package price. I can create composite images for you. The charge to compose a composite image is $30. Each photo within the image is charged at the regular rate per-image ($25 per white background, $50 per lifestyle.)

Can you do infographics?
I only recently began dabbling with infographics. Infographics are not included in my package price, and must be negotiated on a case-by-case basis to determine if I have the time required, and know-how! (I am always honest about my limitations. :-) )

How will I get my images?
 Your images will be delivered via a Google Drive folder, allowing easy access to download from any computer. I will store the files in the Drive folder for up to one week. Please make sure to download your images immediately. After two weeks, your folder is not guaranteed to be accessible, as I am a high volume studio and am consistently deleting prior images to make room for new.

Do you store my images?/Can I request images you've taken for me in the past?

No. Beyond my one week period to download your files from Google Drive, I do not store photos for clients on a long-term basis. Please download your images upon completion and take appropriate measures to protect your images across a number of computers and/or digital storage devices.

What kinds of items have you shot?
Just about everything under the sun! I've shot toys and makeup, jewelry and clothing, ho4me decor, camping supplies, food items, healthcare items, and even NSFW XXX products. You can have faith that I've got what it takes to provide crisp images of your item, whatever it may be!