PPC Keywords Report - SPY on your competitors' keywords!

If you're a serious seller, you probably know that competition on Amazon is tough...

...but there’s an effective way to stack the odds in your favor from day one.

Have an Amazon expert by your side.

I work behind-the-scenes with multi-million dollar Amazon sellers, and know every little trick that involves keyword research and listing optimization.

  • Choose your most relevant keywords to add to your title, bullet points, description & backend
  • Use the right long-tail keywords for your manual PPC campaigns 
  • Know the exact number of "giveaway units" you need in order to rank to page 1 for each keyword
  • 500+ Relevant keywords
  • Monthly search volumes
  • Competing products per keyword
  • Number of units you should give away to rank #1 for each keyword 

Save yourself the time and money by working with a tried-and-tested Amazon expert & sales copywriter. 

 ►Click on the Order button. Send me your project details. And let’s take your Amazon listing to the next level! 
Requirements needed to get started
1- Please send me 5 to 10 of competitors' ASINs
2- If your product is live, send me your product link
3- Which market (US/UK/DE/FR/IT/ES)
Competitors researched
10 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
 1- Other than keyword research, can you write and optimize a listing in all 5 EU languages?
  Yes! Check my SEO copywriting gig.
We are a team of native speakers that work on market-specific keyword research. We write from scratch and LOCALIZE to each marketplace in order to maximize the traffic in each market.

2- What is your experience?
  I've written more that 1000 listings, especially sellers that want to expand to all 5 European marketplaces.