Awesome Product Listing Page And Description - Diamond Pack

Amazon listing optimization can make a big impact on sales!

Strategic keyword placement is key to ranking. Our copywriters carefully position each keyword to optimize rankings in organic search.

Our expert Amazon copywriters know how to sell products. Beautiful sales-inducing language converts on-page visitors into buyers.

Expertly crafted copy maintains a perfect blend of sales-inducing language and precise keyword implementation.


  • Super Title (max 200 characters)
  • 5 Bullet Points
  • Product Description (HTML format included)
  • Backend Search Terms (max 250 characters)
  • PPC Campaign Keywords
  • EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) -  COMPLETE A+ product description using Amazon's new EBC feature. ALL sections, full sales copy.


Requirements needed to get started
For best results, please provide this information:

I. Your ASIN number (if your listing is active on Amazon) : 

II. Order details :

1) WHAT is your product? WHO is your target buyer? WHY should people buy it over someone else's?

2) Your Brand Name. Do you offer Money Back Guarantee ?

3) Your competitors' listings you like the most. Clarify if their product is exactly the same with yours.

III. Listing Preferences :

If you want us to write in a specific style, follow a predetermined format or approach, it must be mentioned here. For example:

•Do you prefer long or short text for each section of the listing?
•Facts/grounded or sales pitch? Or something in the middle?
•Character limit? Typical Amazon limits are the following:

-Description -> 2000 (standard)
-Title -> 80,100,200
-Bullets -> 100,500 (optional)

Delivery time
Up to 5 days