UNIQUE Amazon Product Launching Strategy - DIAMOND Pack

Reach millions of Amazon customers with the most unique launching strategy available. Get sales of your products flowing right away, increasing keyword rank and visibility with every launch campaign.  
Everything we do at AmzDivision boils down to one end goal: getting your Amazon business to the next level. Once you have a great product to offer customers, the rest of the process is very simple: get a steady flow of visitors to your listing, and create a listing that converts visitors into buyers. 
We’ll provide you a step by step unique strategy to achieve your goal. 
You will 100% rank* your product to page #1 for the keywords you will select for the launching phase !!! 

DIAMOND PACK includes:

  • Detailed Audit of your current listing :
    • The most advanced Keyword Mining process
    • Amazon algorithm indexing results  for your listing  
    • Current ranking positions for the most important keywords
    • Pictures audit and recommendations  
    • Pricing audit
  • NEW Product Listing Page And Description + EBC :
    • Super Title (max 200 characters)
    • 5 Bullet Points
    • Product Description (HTML format included)
    • Backend Search Terms  (max 250 characters) 
    • EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) -  COMPLETE A+ product description using Amazon's new EBC feature. ALL sections, full sales copy. ***Available for Brand Registered sellers.

  • The list with the most efficient keywords to use in the  launching process. 
    • Unique list of “sales generating” keywords & detailed statistics

  • Step by step Launching strategy to implement :
    • Unique strategy for ranking to page ONE for the keywords you chose.
    • Unique PPC launching strategy – 8 ad groups
    • Unique launch boost strategies: 4 extra steps you can implement for greater results during your product launching 

  • FOUR  Unique Strategies (1% of Amazon sellers know about) you can implement to grow your Amazon business.
*Page #1 Guarantee if you apply all the steps we will provide for your ranking process!

Requirements needed to get started
For best results, please provide this information:

I. Your ASIN number (if your listing is active on Amazon) : 

II. Order details :

1) WHAT is your product? WHO is your target buyer? WHY should people buy it over someone else's?

2) Your Brand Name. Do you offer Money Back Guarantee ?

3) Your competitors' listings you like the most. Clarify if their product is exactly the same with yours.

4) Your daily / monthly sales target (ex: 10.000$/month)

Delivery time
Up to 10 days