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FBA Shipment Consultation and Shipping Plan Creation-Hazmat

Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) is a great way to get your products available to Amazon Prime customers.  Amazon will take care of all the logistics for you, including storing and shipping your product.  You just need to create your listing and send in the stock.

However, this is where people can start to get worried.

I will create your shipping plan for up to 10 individual products (unlimited unit quantity) and provide you with everything you need to prepare the shipment. For shipping plans larger than 10 different products,  please contact me before booking.

If your product contains any components that Amazon consider to be classified HAZMAT,  please let me know and I can talk you through what you need to do, before I can start working on your shipment.
Requirements needed to get started
I will request access to the Inventory section of your Seller Central account to carry out the work.

Includes 1 Hour of Consulting
Delivery time
Up to 3 days