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Provisional Patents

Get a top rate-provisional patent by a top-rated patent professional. Patent drafting includes all figures and free filing guidance. Other services  such as patent searches and online filings are available.
Requirements needed to get started
A description of your invention.
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
I am not a patent agent or patent attorney. I assist those who are interested in representing themselves to the US patent office.

Patentability Search Assistance ($150) For the inventor who has an idea and has no idea what to do with it. This service includes a quick-scan prior art search and a patentability determination to understand if the idea is even worth patenting. It helps an inventor understand what type of patent they may actually have (utility, method, process, design etc.) and non-legal advice on how to proceed. 
Comprehensive Search ($250) For the inventor who will be pitching an idea in front of investors. It includes a comprehensive search matrix within a spreadsheet with language extracted from patents of concern and highlighted in specific colors (green is good, yellow is not good, red is bad). 
Provisional Patent Assistance ($500) Protect an idea while you prove it works (patent pending 1 year), illustrations included. 
Utility Patent Assistance  ($750) Protect the function of a proven idea that will not change, illustrations included (does not include the $430 USPTO application fee). 
Design Patent Assistance ($375) Protect the look or shape of an idea, illustrations included (does not include the $240 USPTO application fee). 
File it Assistance ($200) For the inventor who can’t be bothered with clerical work. All the necessary forms are completed online and will require your credit card information. Provisional filers will receive their confirmation number within 24 hrs. (does not include the USPTO application fee). 
Copyright Assistance ($150) Protect your literature, software code or art work (does not include the $45 USPTO application fee).