Brand Selection + Building Strategy 2-Hour Intensive

While fidget spinners and garlic presses come and go, your brand can last your lifetime (and even longer!) {I can show you HOW to make this happen.}

Are you concerned about selecting a ~strong~ trademark that aligns with your product and mission, and one  that can be strong AND viable from both a legal AND marketing perspective? {They don't always align, and finding that nexus can be a bit challenging...but guess what, I can help!}

Are you concerned about counterfeiters and nefarious sellers taking advantage of your hard work and Amazon listings by stealing your trademark? {Let's deter them, and learn how to get rid of them if we have to.}

I'm here to help!

I can help you establish, create and build equity and value in your brand, specifically, your trademark for your ecommerce product. And guess what? Whether you are on Amazon or not, your brand is YOUR brand.  

Let's talk about selecting a strong trademark (from both a legal and marketing perspective), trademark clearance (to avoid infringement and to make your USPTO application more streamlined and less expensive) AND how to enforce so you can build value in your intangible assets over time. {Rome wasn't built in a day!}

During our 2 hour intensive, we'll discuss:
  • Possible trademarks for your products, if you haven't selected your trademark already
  • Why some trademarks are better than others
  • Quick and dirty searching (and options for digging deeper) to help you mitigate risks with a trademark
  • We'll perform our own quick and dirty searching as necessary
  • How to strengthen your brand's presence on Amazon to help you distinguish your brand, stand out from the crowd and deter hijackers
  • How to file your trademark application and avoid obstacles during the application process 
  • How to remove hijackers from your Amazon listings

Do NOT compete on price. 

Build brand equity that will last long after your garlic presses begin to rust!

Requirements needed to get started
  • You should at least be in the product selection stage of your journey
  • Motivated and positive attitude! 
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
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