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KEYWORD Research by a PhD -> Competitor Keyword Analysis

Amazon Keyword Research conducted by a real research PhD.
This is the cheapest keyword research package available, yet offers more.
-       Minimum 300 Keyword Phrase –> for use in description, bullets, PPC, etc. 
-       For each Keyword Phrase you’ll get (based on monthly searches):
o   Search Volume – Exact
o   Search Volume – Broad 
o   Number of Competing products
o   Number of Competing Sponsored ASINs
o   Number of Competing Headline ASINs
o   Recommended Weekly Product Giveaways to rank for that key phrase
o   Recommended Daily Product Giveaways to rank for that key phrase
-       BONUS: Minimum Top 30-50 Single Keywords ranked by frequency used by your competitors –>for use in backend keywords and titles.
Get the keywords you need to optimize your amazon listing, title, backend, and PPC now. 

24hr turn-around.

EDIT: I'll shoot to give you 500 keywords. However, keep in mind that at some point the keywords no longer become useful. This is because the keywords at the bottom of the list have little to no search volume per month.  I could say I'll give 1000+ keywords, but that won't really help you any more than 300 keywords would. The exact number of useful KWs really depends on if your product can be found with a wide variety of keywords or is usually found with a very specific set of keywords.
Requirements needed to get started
- 5 to 10 of our competitor's ASINs
- Your listing if it is live on amazon
Competitors researched
10 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Do you actually have a PhD?
Yes. I am a research PhD by training. However, I sell on amazon ($30-50k/mo) and LOVE to help others with the research part.